Simple Tips Anyone Can Implement to Prevent Car Theft

We hear about cars being stolen all the time. Unfortunately, car theft is a profitable crime that will never be completely eliminated. But here is the thing: some car owners are victims of their own carelessness. They do things that invite thieves to jump into their cars and drive away.

According to the folks at Vivint Smart Home, there are some simple strategies anyone can implement to prevent car theft. The nationwide provider of home automation and security systems explains those tips in a post published on their site.  Let us look at some of those tips here.

1. Don’t Leave the Car Running

The easiest way for a car thief to take what is yours is to find your car running and unattended. Yes, car thieves are criminals of opportunity. If one happens to be at the convenience store when you pop in to grab a quick snack, they are probably hoping that you leave the keys in the ignition and the motor running. As soon as you enter the store, theymake off with your car.

Never leave your car running and unattended. Don’t do it at the store: don’t do it at home: don’t even do it at church. Running cars are like huge metal and plastic targets.

2. Choose Parking Options Wisely

Just like burglars, car thieves do not like to attract attention to themselves. They would rather steal an easy target that allows them to get away unnoticed. What does this tell you? That choosing your parking options wisely keeps your car safer.

If you have a garage, park your car in it every night. In fact, always park your car in the garage. If there isn’t enough room, clean it out first. Use your garage for its intended purpose rather than as an extra storage space for all your stuff. Your stuff can be stored in the house or put into a rented storage locker. Your car belongs in your garage.

3. Always Locked the Doors

Car thieves do not tend to break windows except under extraordinary circumstances. Instead, they look for cars that have been left unlocked. In fact, it’s not unusual for car a thief to wander through a suburban neighborhood, trying door handles as they go. They know that the likelihood of them finding an unlocked car is pretty great.

As a side note, always locking your car doors discourages thieves from breaking into steal your possessions. Locking your car doors is as much about preventing burglary as stopping car theft.

4. Utilize Security Cameras at Home

Criminals of all stripes are not big fans of security cameras.  Cameras provide video footage that can be used as both an investigative and prosecutorial tool. Therefore, wireless security cameras around your home can go a long way toward keeping your car safe. A car thief walking up your driveway may change their mind if they see a camera watching their every move.

5. Equip Your Car with GPS Tracking

This final tip doesn’t prevent theft, but it makes recovery easier: equip your car with GPS tracking. Most newer cars come with GPS systems built in by default. However, you may have to pay extra for a subscription service. Your other option is to invest in a standalone GPS device that you install manually. A GPS system empowers you to track your vehicle with your phone if it is ever stolen.

Unfortunately, many cases of car theft are the result of carelessness. Things do not have to be that way. If you implement the tips described in this post, your car will be safer.

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