What makes the Monaco Grand Prix so unique

The French Riviera has always attracted the super-rich, thanks to a warm climate, crystal clear waters and exceptional culture. With them came their cars, first the luxury ones and then the racing ones. The first Monaco Grand Prix was held in 1929 and quickly became one of the most popular.

The Grand Prix gained its popularity first thanks to the crowd attending the race. Monaco is one of the highlights of the French Riviera, featuring a world-class casino and some of the finest hotels in the world, only the elite attended the race. When the Hotel de Paris opened first in 1864, it was for example the very first one in the world to feature a separate bath in each room, a feat previously only seen in castles. The hotel was designed to cater to the need of the ultra-rich gambling at the Casino. It is no surprise the Grand Prix crosses the Casino square providing the ultimate entertainment. 

The yachts in the port make the Monaco Grand Prix particularly spectacular. With no other asset being as valuable as a superyacht, having the behemoth of the seas docked right next to the circuit represents truly the utmost luxury. These luxurious vessels create a feeling of exclusivity and prestige to the race that is seen nowhere else. Watching the Monaco GP from a yacht is a truly unique experience in any yachts man life!

The race is one of the most challenging for the drivers, overtaking being exceptionally high for the modern wide cars. However back in the day, the smaller cars were truly capable of overtaking in the tight corners creating a stunning spectacle. As with every street circuit, there is no margin for errors, no sand pits and no grass only the barriers. The drivers push their cars to the limits for two houses, rushing at 200kmh+ when a split second of inattention would send them into the wall. 

The GP is one of the Triple Crown Pedigree of motor racing, alongside Le Mans and Indianapolis, giving it such a status. When planning a trip to the South of France, passing by Monaco to watch the Grand Prix is a must-do before reaching your luxury villa in Cannes

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