The Benefits of Rustproofing Your Vehicle’s Undercarriage

Rustproofing your vehicle comes with a range of benefits.Not only does it help prevent rust, but it also has many advantages that you might otherwise gloss over. The best time to rustproof your vehicle is when it’s new. The second-best time is now.

As your underbody is the part of the vehicle most exposed to elements, salt, water, and debris can break down the layers of paint and leave your underbody compromised. This exposure causes the vehicle underbody to oxidise with the air and produce rust. Over time, the rust can spread, producing large holes. Not only is this unsafe, but it can also fail MOT tests and requires a huge amount of repair.

Firstly, What is Rustproofing?

Mark at car undersealing company Preserve Protect said “It’s the process of protecting your vehicle from rust. Using acoating which is professionallyapplied to the bottom of your vehicle. A careful cleaning and inspection process precedes the rust proof application to ensure ultimate sealing and protection of your vehicle.”

Here are the benefits of rustproofing your undercarriage.

Benefits of Rustproofing Your Undercarriage

  1. Protection from rust

This may sound obvious, but knowing your vehicle has an extra layer of protection is reassuring for owners.Especially if you live near the coast, are exposed to a lot of snow, or in a generally poor weathered area. As standard undercoating from the factory can break down over time and not offer sufficient protection. Getting your vehicle protectedleaves youmostly worry free for years to come.

  1. Sound Deadening

Surprisingly, the extra layer of underbody protection also acts as a sound barrier between you as the driver and the road. The sound deadening and insulation makes your vehicle cabin quieter, and overall, a nicer place to be.Sound deadening isideal in classic cars which are known for louder road noise.

  1. Vehicle Maintains Value

Over time, vehicle bodywork degrades and needs work. This often puts used car buyers off. If your vehicle is protected correctly, then no undercarriage rust issues should appear. This means buyers are more inclined to purchase knowing they do not have to do any bodyworkrepairs. As a result, sellers can put their vehicle up for sale at a higher price. For some classic vehicles, this is especially useful as rustproofing and clean bodywork could be worth thousands.

  1. Components Last Longer

Undercarriage protection to an extent also protects the surrounding wiring, tubing, engine bay and transmission from rust. Over time, the engine components and electrical systems can wear out, causing breakdowns and expensive repairs. With underbody protection, you are assured that some steel and aluminium components are protected too.

  1. Your Vehicle is Safer

Rust and structural rigidity do not mix well together. With rust protection, your vehicles undercarriage is much less prone to holes, scratches and anything that might cause it to lose its strength. Ideal during a crash as the vehicle behaves as it should, keeping you and passengers safer than a rust infested car.

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