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Should I Sell My Car Online?

The used car market is almost in continual boom, and there is a lot to be said for selling your used car by any means. But it would certainly be a mistake to assume the prices will not vary depending on just how you sell the vehicle. In fact, prices can vary great deal across the many options you have open to you. You might be considering selling your used car online, but is this really the best option? Undoubtedly there are advantages and disadvantages to doing things this way, so the first thing to do is weigh up the options.

The main alternatives to selling a used car online is to sell through a dealership or to do it privately, inviting potential buyers to inspect the car themselves and then handling the sale yourself. San Bernardino County-based dealership CarFastCash is an example of a dealership with the market reach, the expertise, and the resources to sell any car onwards – and for the best price. The likes of CarFastCash can also handle all the DMV paperwork and reckon up any outstanding payments you may have in the final price. This ensures that, following a sale, the title of the car is completely transferred to the buyer. One thing you certainly do not want is to still be liable for a vehicle which has a new owner or to still be making payments on a car you’ve sold.

Advantages of Selling Online

The main advantage to selling your car online is that you instantly have access to a very large market. Moreover, you can vet potential buyers via online communication before you move ahead to the next stage of the sale. Compared to selling privately, selling online seems like the preferable option where this is concerned. One thing to keep in mind though is that while selling your car online theoretically exposes your vehicles to a large market, there is no guarantee that your advertisement will particularly stand out. For that, you need the targeted marketing and network of outlets a well-connected dealership like the above-mentioned CarFastCash can provide.

That said, selling online will expose your car to more buyers than doing so privately, so this is undoubtedly one of the primary advantages.


Besides the problem of standing out amid the massive online market, the main disadvantages of selling online involve the lack of intimate contact with potential buyers – and the security issues this can raise. When you sell through a dealership, the sale is secure and the price is fixed according to the true value of the car. This means you can get the best possible deal, as the large market reach of a dealership means they can be confident of selling on a car in any condition.

With online selling, you must negotiate the price, the paperwork, and the logistics of the sale yourself – and you normally need to do so remotely. And without the detailed market data to which a good dealership is privy, you may find it difficult to sell your car for a fair price.Especially when the potential buyer might not be in a position to inspect the car in person.


Ultimately, selling your car online can certainly be a good idea, but only if you have a very clear idea of what the car is worth and can communicate that effectively to a buyer who may not be able to inspect the car ahead of any sale. This is much easier with newer cars; for older ones, which can vary much more in price, selling online may not be the best option.

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