Review of Used Audi at ALM Cars

Audi is one of the most widely sought luxury car brands. Best known for its Quattro all-wheel-drive system and modern, innovative designs, Audi is a brand that you can trust to keep you on the road for years to come.

If you’re looking to become the proud owner of an Audi, we’ve got you covered. ALM Cars offers a huge inventory of used Audis, including the A6 sports sedan and the Audi Q7, a midsize three-row SUV.

Audi A6

The Audi A6 is a luxury mid-size four-door with plenty of appeal from the inside out. This sporty luxury sedan features a turbocharged V-6 engine that will take you from 0-60 in just 4.8 seconds. The A6 is also available in a four-cylinder engine if you’re looking for improved mileage without losing too much horsepower.

This sedan is the perfect family car. It’s spacious and safe, but provides just enough sportiness to make it an exhilarating ride.

View ALM Cars inventory of used Audi A6s.

Audi Q7

For a versatile SUV that makes traveling with the family nothing short of enjoyable, check out the Audi Q7. This three-row luxury SUV features a turbocharged V-6 engine that makes highways and backroads a thrilling drive.

Inside, passengers can enjoy all sorts of infotainment and connectivity features, including 4G LTE Wi-Fi along with integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Listen to your favorite tunes on the Bang & Olufsen system with 23 speakers.

Browse ALM Cars inventory of used Audi Q7s.

Searching for a Used Audi? Choose ALM Cars

ALM is one of Atlanta’s largest auto dealers, with nine locations and more than 4,000 vehicles in inventory. Whether you’re searching for a used Audi SUV or a sporty sedan such as the A6, we’re sure to have the perfect vehicle for you.

We offer excellent customer service and financing options. Contact or stop in at one of our locations today!

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