Maintenance Tips to Avoid Voiding Your Vehicle Protection Plan

A comprehensive vehicle protection plan provides assurance by handling unforeseen repair and maintenance expenses. Adherence to specific guidelines is vital to uphold the validity of your protection plan. Neglecting regular maintenance or failing to adhere to your agreement’s terms can void your coverage, leaving you with hefty repair bills. Unlike a warranty, which typically covers only manufacturing defects within a certain period, a vehicle protection plan offers broader coverage, including wear and tear. To help you avoid issues, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of maintenance tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly and ensure your protection plan stays intact.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule

One of the most critical aspects of maintaining your vehicle’s protection plan is adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. The maintenance schedule detailed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual covers crucial services like oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and more.

Key Tip: Regularly check your owner’s manual and log all maintenance activities. This record will prove that you’ve followed the recommended schedule, which protection plan providers often require.

Use Approved Parts and Fluids

Using the correct parts and fluids for your vehicle is vital for maintaining the validity of your protection plan. Manufacturers specify certain types of oil, transmission fluid, and other components compatible with your vehicle.

Key Tip: Always use manufacturer-approved parts and fluids. If unsure about the specifications, consult your owner’s manual or ask a certified mechanic. Keeping receipts and documentation of these purchases can also be beneficial if a claim arises.

Keep Up with Oil Changes

Consistent oil changes are vital to your engine’s longevity and form a cornerstone of every maintenance routine. Contaminated or insufficient oil levels can result in severe engine damage, leading to potentially expensive repairs that your vehicle protection plan may not cover.

Key Tip: Change your oil and filter at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Use the type of oil specified in your owner’s manual. Keep records of each oil change, including the date, mileage, and type of oil used.

Inspect and Maintain Tires

Tire maintenance is crucial for your safety and the performance of your vehicle. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your tires can prevent issues such as blowouts or uneven wear, leading to more severe problems down the road.

Key Tip: Check your tire pressure monthly and keep it at the manufacturer-recommended level. Follow the schedule outlined in your owner’s manual to rotate your tires, ensuring they are correctly balanced and aligned. Keeping a record of these maintenance tasks can benefit vehicle protection plan purposes.

Monitor and Maintain Your Brakes

Your vehicle’s braking system is one of the most critical components for safety. Regular brake inspections and maintenance are essential to ensure that your brakes function correctly and to prevent costly repairs that your protection plan may not cover.

Key Tip: Inspect your brakes regularly and replace brake pads, rotors, and fluid. Listen for any unusual noises and feel for changes in brake responsiveness, which can indicate the need for maintenance. Keeping brake maintenance and repair records can be helpful if you need to file a claim.

Check and Replace Fluids

Your vehicle relies on various fluids to operate smoothly, including coolant, transmission, brake, and power steering. Regularly checking and replacing these fluids is essential for preventing damage and maintaining your protection plan coverage.

Key Tip: Refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended intervals for checking and replacing fluids. Use the specified types of fluids and keep records of all fluid changes and top-offs.

Address Warning Lights Promptly

Ignoring warning lights on your dashboard can lead to severe problems and potentially void your protection plan. Warning lights indicate issues that need immediate attention, such as engine problems, low oil pressure, or brake system issues.

Key Tip: Never ignore a warning light. Take your vehicle to a certified mechanic as soon as possible to diagnose and fix the issue. Document all repairs related to warning lights.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Protected

While it might seem less critical than mechanical maintenance, keeping your vehicle clean and protected can prevent rust and other damage that could void your protection plan. Regular washing and waxing help protect your vehicle’s exterior from the elements.

Key Tip: Wash your vehicle regularly and apply a coat of wax at least twice a year. Clean the interior to prevent damage from spills and stains. Protective treatments for upholstery and other surfaces can also help maintain your vehicle’s condition.

Maintain Records and Documentation

Maintaining thorough records and documentation of all maintenance and repairs is vital to upholding the integrity of your vehicle protection plan. This information can be invaluable if you need to file a claim or prove that you’ve adhered to the terms of your plan.

Key Tip: Create a maintenance log and file all receipts, invoices, and documentation related to your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs. This record will prove that you have followed the required maintenance schedule and used approved parts and fluids.

Use Certified Mechanics

Having your vehicle serviced by certified mechanics ensures that maintenance and repairs are performed correctly and according to manufacturer specifications. Engaging with unauthorized service providers may lead to substandard repairs and could void your protection plan.

Key Tip: Always choose certified mechanics or dealerships for vehicle maintenance and repairs. Check the service provider’s credentials and keep documentation of all work performed.


Maintaining your vehicle and adhering to the terms of your protection plan is essential for ensuring continued coverage and avoiding costly repairs. By following these maintenance tips, you can keep your vehicle in optimal condition and protect your investment in a protection plan. Consistent upkeep, approved parts and fluids, and meticulous record-keeping will prevent potential issues that may nullify your coverage. This ensures peace of mind and instills confidence in your vehicle’s dependability.

By staying proactive and attentive to your vehicle’s needs, you can enjoy the benefits of your protection plan and keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

About Veritas Global Protection

Veritas Global Protection is a leading provider of vehicle protection plans dedicated to offering vehicle owners peace of mind and financial security. Unlike extended warranties, which typically cover only specific parts and repairs, Veritas offers a comprehensive range of protection options that can include additional services like roadside assistance and rental car coverage. Veritas has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, with plans designed to cater to various needs and budgets, ensuring that every vehicle owner can find a suitable level of coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage Options

Veritas Global Protection provides various coverage options, from basic powertrain protection to full-coverage plans with advanced technology systems. This flexibility allows customers to pick a plan that best suits their needs, ensuring their vehicle is adequately protected against unexpected repairs.

Customer-Centric Approach

At the heart of Veritas Global Protection is a commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s customer service team is known for being responsive and helpful, guiding customers through choosing, understanding, and utilizing their protection plans. Veritas ensures that every customer feels valued and supported.

Certified Repair Network

Veritas Global Protection collaborates with a network of certified mechanics and service providers to ensure all repairs and maintenance are carried out by professionals who uphold stringent quality standards. This collaboration helps maintain the integrity and reliability of the services provided under their plans.

Easy Claims Process

One of Veritas Global Protection’s standout features is its straightforward claims process. Customers can file claims easily and receive timely assistance, minimizing the stress and inconvenience typically associated with vehicle repairs. Veritas aims to make the entire process seamless for its customers.

Key Tip: When considering a vehicle protection plan, choosing Veritas Global Protection can provide you with comprehensive coverage, exceptional customer service, a certified repair network, and a hassle-free claims process. Choosing a Veritas Global Protection plan guarantees your vehicle’s safety and effectively manages potential repair expenses.

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