Is Your Vehicle Lease Ending Soon? Here’s What to Do Next

Since your car lease is nearing its end, you must choose what to do. You can choose from a variety of options after vehicle lease end. The vehicle lease ends after two to four years. The lease on your vehicle generally lasts for around that time. Then you must return the vehicle to the leasing company at the end of the term.

Regarding vehicle leasing, there are now various options at the end of the car lease. Such options include a lease buyout, buying out the car and reselling it, transferring the lease, doing a trade-in, or extending the lease.

Should I Buy The Vehicle After The Lease Ends?

The decision to buy the vehicle after the lease ends depends on the specifics of the lease agreement. The first thing you should do is check the buyout price on the original contract. The next thing that holders of the lease should look for is the appraisal value of the vehicle.

Check subscription websites like Quiklyz that allow consumers to check the appraisal value. They will have the information on what to do after vehicle lease end. Buying the car after the lease ends is a more attractive offer as it helps you to save money.

How To Prepare For The End Of Your Lease

Three to six months before the end of your car lease, you will get reminders that the lease is about to expire. You will get incentive letters. They may even encourage you to get a new lease on the vehicle or buy out the existing vehicle.

Follow the tips below to avoid paying penalties regardless of whether you return the vehicle, transfer the lease, or sell it.

Take The Initial Steps After The Lease Ends

After the lease expires, take the following step to avoid penalties.

Inspect To Make Minor Repairs

Since you are leasing the vehicle, you have to keep it in a pristine condition. if by chance there is wear and tear in the car, you must fix it before you return it. You can subscribe to a car on Quiklyz  and when the lease ends, ensure no wear and tear, or the damages charges will bear weight on your expenses. Clean the vehicle and return it to the one leasing it to you.

Extend The Lease

If you want, you can also extend the lease. The extension option varies from car dealership to dealership. The extension can last for months or years. Call the leasing company to tell you your options. Enquire about the mileage and extend the lease accordingly. A less extension means that you want fewer miles on the car. A long lease means that the car will have long miles.

Car Lease Buyout

One of the options after vehicle lease end is to buy out the car. The price of the buyout is going to be in the contract. The price will depend on the car’s residual value at the end of the lease term.

When you have an idea about the car’s worth, then negotiate the leasing company’s buyout price. You can sell your car and form a negotiation with a dealership since they would need a new car.

Sell The Vehicle After Leasing

Another option that will answer the question of what to do after vehicle lease end is that you can sell the vehicle. The lease allows for selling off the car at the end of the term in a buyout. You can choose whether to sell the car to a dealership.

After selling the car, if you need another car ever for any instance, you can subscribe to a car on Quiklyz. You can sign up for the number of days or months you need the car. You can drive the car for that period without any hassle of maintenance or repair fees.


After the lease, you can return the vehicle or extend it according to your needs and uses. Indeed read the leasing agreements very carefully and then agree to the terms and conditions to sign the contract. Returning the vehicle per the terms and conditions of the lease is always a great practice.

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