How to protect your new car from internal damage

From paw prints in the boot to spilt drinks on the back seats, your car’s interior has to weather daily storms when it comes to potential damage. While you may not be able to stop your dog from running in puddles or your children from eating sticky food, you can certainly minimize the mess it will cause in your new car.

Here we’ve compiled some top tips for how to protect your vehicle from internal damage to help you keep your car looking and feeling new for longer.

Clean the upholstery

Upholstery, such as carpet and seating, can be easily prone to water damage. Regular maintenance will help keep them in fresh condition for longer.

Upholstered surfaces should be cleaned regularly, and it’s a good idea to keep a dedicated small vacuum in the car for when it’s needed most. Carpets and seats can also be covered with protective covers, to help stop them from getting moisture damage when wet coats and dirty boots are on them.

Look after the leather

If your car has a leather interior, it will need similar love and care to a fabric interior. Simple regular maintenance can ensure your leather look as good as it did the day you drove it off the forecourt.

You should avoid getting the leather too wet or too dry. Drying off the leather with a towel or kitchen roll after wet drives will help stave off moisture damage. Similarly, using a conditioning cream will prevent the leather from drying out and will clean leather surfaces at the same time.

Protect plastic surfaces

Plastic surfaces on dashboards, door panels, and around the windows can easily get damaged by weather or spilt liquids, so making sure they are clean and protected is a must. Dashboard cleaner is fairly inexpensive and can help remove stains and marks on the plastic, making sure the dash stays looking new.

Plastic panels around the windows and doors can easily let moisture in and get damaged from it. Checking these areas regularly and cleaning them can help reduce wear and tear. Cleaning dirt and dust from around windows can keep them fresh.

Use a car cover

For the ultimate protection from internal damage, custom covers for cars are a vital investment. Covers can stop all forms of weather damage, including heat and moisture damage.

Boot liners can also be used your protect the boot from muddy paws, wet clothes, or anything else that needs to be stored in the boot that might cause damage. Using a car cover, alongside regular care and a cleaning regime, can keep your car looking new, even when it isn’t.

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