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How often should you change wiper blades on a car?

Wiper blades are the most important parts of any vehicle that fulfill the basic needs of the car or any vehicle. They are installed on the outer part of the car’s windshield. These are made to keep the dirt and dust present on the windshield cleaner. Mainly, it is also useful to keep the moisture present in the shield and rainwater in a better way. This wiper blade shape of the windshield is made on the basis of dimensions. So that they can touch their surface better. If we look at the structure of the wiper blades, it is mainly based on the wiper arm, wiper motor, and washer pump on the basis of which it can clean the windshield better. These wiper blades are mainly of these three types: conventional, flat, and hybrid. Rubber or synthetic rubber is used in their inner part, which is soft enough that there is no scratch on the surface of the windshield. Apart from this, its outer parts are made of materials like steel, aluminum, or plastic.

At what stage of the wiper blade should be changed?

Along with checking the car wiper blades from time to time, maintenance is also required. But we also have to know when and under what circumstances we need to change.

When we get squeaking sounds from wipers and windshields – 

Normally an object slides smoothly on any surface when the door viscosity on that surface is high. Similarly, when there is good moisture on the surface of the windshield, the rubber of the wiper blades slips easily, but when the rubber is completely exhausted, their surface makes a squeaking sound which can deform the windshield. Change is better.

When the sound of vibration is heard from the windshield– 

Sometimes we have found that when the position of the wiper blades from the windshield is not correct, it is not good for any vehicle. primarily due to the windshield and wipers. The blade surface has to have a large gap. Does this happen only when the accessories are not fitted well either? Either the rubber has worn out after running for a long time? Either the dimensions of the wiper blade are not according to the windshield? In this case, it is more necessary to replace it.

When the blade on the windshield streaks excessively– 

This happens or the streak is visible only when the rubber has completely run out of the wiper blade and it deforms the windshield. which means it is time to replace it.

When we see wet spots on the windshield- 

Such spots can be seen on the windshield only when the contact of the wiper blade is not with the surface of the windshield. Or the rubber of the wiper blade is completely worn out. In some cases, it is unable to clear the water or moisture on the surface, which can cause difficulty for the driver in seeing the object. which play a major role in replacing wiper blades.

When the rubber of the wiper blades is cracked- 

The rubber becomes hard and cracks after excessive use or after being used in different weather conditions. The same happens with the rubber of the wiper blade. Because of this, they are not able to clean the windshield better. Which we have to keep checking all the time.

At the same time, we should also keep an eye on the fact that when we are cleaning the windshield, we should never clean it with water without detergent powder. Because the particles present in it can leave a stain on the windshield due to friction, due to which the wiper blade can also be damaged.

What should be the period for replacing the wiper blade? –

The most important part of this article is when this wiper blade needs to be changed! Many people even use it for 2 to 3 years due to not constantly checking or not caring at all. which are not correct. If we talk about replacing it in general, then it is right to change it for 6 to 12 months as well as the oil used in it should also be changed so that the motor related to the wiper blade can give it better speed.

Thus, in this article, we have discussed the basic points that are necessary for our windshield wiper blade. Also, when and in what condition it is necessary to change it, also told those things. There are many such wiper blade companies in the market that make much better and long-lasting blades. in which companies like Bosch and Minda are very good. Hopefully, the things mentioned in this article will be very beneficial. Apart from this, the carorbis blog has also been discussed in relation to other car accessories-related articles.

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