Electric Cars: Why Buy When You Can Subscribe?

One of the most significant benefits of driving electric vehicles (EVs) is their positive environmental impact. Pure EVs do not have a tailpipe, so they do not emit exhaust gases, significantly reducing local air pollution, especially in heavily congested cities.

As a bonus, electric vehicles have lower operating costs, decreased maintenance and servicing costs and are exempted from vehicle tax. These cars also help to boost a driver’s experience. However, which choice is preferable when determining whether to buy or subscribe to an electric car? Keeping reading to know how an electric car subscription is more beneficial than buying one.

What is meant by an Electric Car Subscription?

Electric car subscriptions are a convenient and cost-efficient approach to driving an electric car. Most electric car subscription services offer insurance and maintenance as part of the monthly fee, often with zero-deposit leases and flexible terms. Many of these services also allow you to switch between different vehicles while still under subscription. Electric car subscriptions aim to reduce or eliminate barriers to EV adoption, encourage the use of zero-emission vehicles on the road, and provide a comprehensive car-as-a-service package delivered right to your doorstep.

In certain cases, you can sign up for a rolling monthly contract with the assurance that the company will cover all your expenses. At the end of each month, you can choose to continue, switch to a different model, or cancel the contract altogether.

Choosing An Electric Car Subscription Service

So, here are a few reasons to choose an EV car lease service instead of buying one:

Enjoy The Performance of An Electric Vehicle

Subscribing to an electric car lease has a great benefit: experiencing their impressive performance. Electric motors provide instant torque, enabling them to accelerate much quicker than petrol or diesel engines. This makes them an excellent choice for city driving and overtaking on the motorway. Manoeuvring through tight corners and short straights in urban circuits becomes easier, potentially enjoyable, and safer.

Electric cars are a quieter option compared to their petrol or diesel counterparts due to their fewer moving parts and the potential for more aerodynamic designs. Consequently, they are a desirable option for those who prefer to avoid the noise and pollution typically associated with traditional cars.

Try Before Buying

If you are unfamiliar with electric vehicle technology, selecting an EV car subscription is an intelligent decision. Many individuals are interested in subscribing to an EV as it allows them to experience the technology first-hand. Subscribing to an EV is also appealing due to its user-friendly nature, flexibility to swap between different models, and the absence of the stress associated with ownership. This makes sense, as trying an EV for the first time often involves a significant lifestyle change.

It’s crucial to determine how an EV will impact your life and whether it’s the right decision for you. Subscribing to an EV enables you to take your time and test out different vehicles over several months, allowing you to find the ideal model that suits your needs.


The EV car subscription packages are comprehensive and provide a great value compared to traditional leasing agreements. Additionally, you can include a home or public charging point in your electric car lease package. This means everything is included in one monthly payment, unlike most leasing agreements, where the monthly payment only covers the car’s cost. Additional costs, such as insurance and servicing, must be paid separately. You don’t have to worry about additional expenses; everything is included in one easy payment.

It’s Flexible

When you lease a car on Quiklyz, their electric car subscription stands out from traditional EV car lease agreements as it offers the flexibility of monthly terms, allowing customers to start and stop their subscription as needed and switch cars as frequently as desired. This feature lets subscribers stay current with the latest technology and change vehicles based on their evolving needs.

Also, when travelling with your family in an EV, you would need a larger model with more features or facilities like an increase in mileage. With an EV subscription you will get them all at a very reasonable cost.

How To Select an EV for Subscription?

It is critical to evaluate the mileage range to fulfil your needs when purchasing an electric car subscription service. Because an electric vehicle’s range fluctuates, it’s critical to understand how factors such as driving frequency, location, and mode affect the car’s range. Many electric car subscription providers, fortunately, give interactive recommendations that select automobiles depending on the customer’s lifestyle. The vehicle’s performance and in-car technologies are also essential things to consider.


Acquiring an electric vehicle is becoming as effortless as subscribing to streaming platforms. Subscription has become ubiquitous in our lives, from movies to education to music, and electric vehicles are no different. With a car subscription, you can lease a car on Quiklyz, use it as much as you desire, and return it when you’re done.

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