Car Guard Administration Focuses On Great Coverage For Clients

Founded in 2015 in Overland, Kansas, CarGuard Administration is one of the leading administrators of vehicle service contracts. In 2020, CarGuard relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, because of the excellent business environment and great weather. 

The rapid growth experienced by the company can be attributed to the excellent customer service offered by the company as well as the fantastic vehicle protection plans they offer. 

In 2015, the founders identified an opportunity in the vehicle service contracts industry and moved in to provide solutions. The focus on customer service had endeared the company to consumers and forced other players in the industry to up their game. 

CarGuard Administration Offers the Best Vehicle Protection Plans

CarGuard offers several innovative vehicle protection plans designed to meet the coverage needs of different types of clients. Some people often wonder why someone would want to buy an extra service contract when they have a manufacturer’s warranty and a comprehensive insurance policy. 

The answer is simple, most auto warranties and auto insurance policies have a coverage gap. The best way to fill the coverage gap is to purchase a vehicle protection plan from CarGuard Administration. Fortunately, most plans can be customized to provide only the coverage needed by the client. 

However, it is essential to note that auto warranties usually expire after 3-5 years. When this happens, the owner of the vehicle will be left exposed. By purchasing a vehicle protection plan that provides the same level of coverage as the manufacturer’s warranty, you will be able to close the coverage gap left by the expired manufacturer’s warranty. 

Please note that every vehicle protection plan from CarGuard is transferrable, so you will not lose anything when you sell the vehicle. The buyer may be willing to pay the asking price if they realize that the vehicle comes with a fully-paid vehicle protection plan. 

CarGuard Administration Focuses on Clients and Customers

A picture of a happy client of CarGuard Administration smiling  in their car

The vehicle service contracts industry has three critical players. The first is the vehicle owners. Secondly, there is the administrator of the policy. Lastly, there are partners who service and repair vehicles. 

CarGuard Administration ensures customers and partners are happy with the service they get by being responsive. Customers can expect their concerns to be addressed immediately. 

When a claim is filed, the client only needs to wait a few minutes for a response. The company also ensures that partners are well paid for their services. The result is a sustainable business environment in the vehicle protection industry. 

Benefits of Having a Vehicle Protection Plan

The vehicle protection plans offered by CarGuard offer different levels of coverage. There are bumper-to-bumper vehicle protection plans and plans that only cover specific components, such as the drivetrain, powertrain, steering, air conditioning, suspension, electricals, engine, and transmission, among others. 

You can expect effective repairs, part replacement, and maintenance depending on your plan. All you need to do is choose a plan and pay the premiums. 

It is important to note that all the vehicle protection plans from CarGuard come with free roadside assistance and free rental car service. If your vehicle breaks down on the road, you only need to call CarGuard Administration on their emergency line or file a claim online.

Emergencies are usually handled immediately, so a local mechanic will be dispatched to your location to fix your vehicle. If the vehicle has to be taken to the repair shop, a free rental car will be provided to use as your vehicle is being fixed. 

One of the main goals of CarGuard Administration is to process claims as quickly as possible to ensure clients are not inconvenienced. Another objective is to offer excellent customer service. 

Vehicle Protection Plans From CarGuard Administration

1. Platinum Protection

This vehicle protection plan covers the drive axle, transmission, turbo/supercharger, engine, front and rear suspension, air conditioning, cooling system, transfer case, fuel system, gaskets, and seals, among other parts. 

This vehicle protection plan covers repairs, replacement of parts, and maintenance services of up to $12,500, or the current market value of your vehicle, whichever is higher. All of this coverage means that this plan offers sufficient coverage. 

2. Gold Plans

This is a bumper-to-bumper vehicle protection plan with a few exclusions. It covers everything the platinum plan covers, but specific components are not covered. Customers are advised to refer to their contract, particularly the exclusion clauses, to find out what is not covered. 

3. Powertrain Coverage

If you are only concerned about your vehicle’s powertrain, this would be the perfect plan for you. The power train includes the engine, transmission, and drive axle. You must read the powertrain plan’s terms and conditions to determine whether it’s the right plan for you. 

4. Prepaid Maintenance Plan

Vehicles have many moving parts that need regular maintenance. Standard maintenance procedures include replacing brake pads, engine oil change, battery replacement, and servicing the cooling system. 

A complete maintenance package can be costly, so making advance payments in small installments is recommended. Consider purchasing this plan if you are only worried about the maintenance costs of your vehicle. 

What Sets CarGuard Apart?

CarGuard is committed to delivering excellent customer service. That is why the company offers the best vehicle protection plans. 

Secondly, CarGuard has a team of customer support staff on standby day and night to offer assistance to clients and partners. Emergency cases are always handled expeditiously, while other cases can be addressed the next day. 

The company is responsive, so all queries by partners and customers are usually addressed without any delays. The entire team at CarGuard is committed to offering excellent customer service. 

CarGuard Administration serves customers throughout the country. Only California and Washington State are not covered. Therefore, customers can have peace of mind when driving around the country because CarGuard has local partners to offer assistance at all times.

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